Student Samples

Project One – Student Samples

Option One – Analytical Report

Here are some examples of student analytical reports for option number one –

Example – project one option one A  This paper is entitled “The Clinical Trial – How communication is vital to the safety of the participants”

Example – project one option one B  This paper is entitled “Writing, Communication, and Organizational Culture in Retail Pharmacy”

Example – project one option one C  This paper is entitled “Sensory Sweep Studios – Building Worlds: The Culture of Video Game Development”

Option Two – Website for Students

The following are examples of  student designed webpages, created for project number one;

Mechanical Engineering: info and writing guide for the curious student

Option Three – Writing in the Field

Here are some student examples of option three –

Example number one –  (there were other documents included in this individual’s project, but the formats were not compatible with wordpress.  This should give an overview of the project.)

Letter of Agreement

Notice To Proceed


Example number two –

Crime Scene Report

How to Write a Crime Scene Report

Self-analysis Memo

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